PCI to 4 ports SATA raid card adapter
Name:  PCI to 4 ports SATA raid card adapter
Model:  PAPCI014

  • PCI Specification Revision 2.3 compliant
  • Serial ATA Specification Revision 1.0 compliant
  • Compliant with programming interface for Bus Master IDE Controller, Rev 1.0
  • Internal Serial-ATA port x 4
  • Silicon Image SIL 3114 host controller chip
  • Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specification
  • Support 66Mhz PCI with 32-bit data
  • Support programmable and EEPROM, FLASH & EPROM loadable PCI class mode
  • Support ATAPI devices: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc
  • Integrated SATA Transport, Link Logic & PHY layer
  • 48-Bit sector addressing
  • Virtual DMA
  • Drivers support for Win98, WinME, NT4, Win2K and XP, Netware & Linux
  • Support 4 Independent Serial ATA channels(1.5Gbps)

     CHIPSET: SIL3114

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