RS232 to RS422/485 Photoelectric Isolation Interface Converter
Name:  RS232 to RS422/485 Photoelectric Isolation Interface Converter
Model:  STM8522A

1.compliable with RS232C RS485/RS422 standard of EIA/TIA
2.Point to multi-point, allow to connect 128 RS-422 or RS-485 interface device.
3.DB9 female connector is used on rs232 side while DB9 male connector is used on RS485/RS422 side,or RJ45 connect port. DB9 male
connector can also be connected to 6 pole connection board for easy wiring.
4.Data communication speed 75-115.2KBPS
5.transmitting mode:RS422 Asynchronous full-duplex,RS485 Asynchronous half duplex. class:15000V surge protection
7.Working environment: 0 ~ 60¡ãC, relative humidity 5% - 95%

8.connecting capability:32-128 equipments.
9.product size:93*23*62 mm

Application fields:
1 Point to point, point to multi-point communication
2 Industrial distribution system, industrial control automation
3 Road traffic control automation
4 Closed circuit monitoring
5 Security protection system
6 Intelligent card, check on work attendance gate safety system



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