External TV to PC,AV to VGA(s video to vga) converter adapter
Name:  External TV to PC,AV to VGA(s video to vga) converter adapter
Model:  VGA210

* Supports Composite VIDEO(BNC)), S-VIDEO, RGB.
  * External Power from 5V@500mA.
  * Pure hardware design, just Plug & Play No software or driver
  * 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing
  * Motion adaptive noise reduction
  * The Video Deinterlacing Processor automatically detects and can
    respond to noise thresholds and still images.
  * provides 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing with diagonal detection.
    It performs high quality line doubling and high-accuracy motion  
    estimation.It performs pixel- based motion estimation using
    two-field buffers

Connecter introduction

Name Explain
(1)VGA Out To connect computer display
(2)Video In To connect fountainhead of video frequency(eg:DVD. Camera head etc)
(3)Svideo In To connect signal source with S end
(4)VGA In To connect host computer
(5)DC 5V To connect power supply
(6)Remote To connect infrared acceptor(RC)

Function of Key-Press


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