4 ports lotiform USB2.0 Hub
Name:  4 ports lotiform USB2.0 Hub
Model:  PAUH1001

 This USB HUB will let you expand up to 4 fully functional USB ports from a single USB port on your computer.  You may use the hub with the extension cord to provide USB ports for easy accessibilities. With the optional 2A AC adapter, each single port on the hub will receive sufficient power for all kinds of USB devices.

1. Fully Compliant with USB 2.0 Specification; Backwards Compatible with USB 1.1 

2. Mini full speed 4 port USB 2.0 hubs.

3. Maximum data transfer rate is 480 Mbps.

4. Support up to 127 USB devices.

5. Support Self-Powered Mode with optional external 2A AC adapter.

6. Provide up to 500mA per port sufficient for diverse devices

7. Individual port over-current protection.

8. Stylish translucent blue, purple or green colored.

9. Plug-and-Play.  No driver installation required.

10. Dimension: 62mm X 62mm X 23mm 

11. USB Cord length: 76 cm (30 inches)

12. With the optional external power supply,  You can enhance the power and meet power eds for some large devices (e.g. scanner, printer) or just use the hubs alone for small devices (e.g. joystick, mouse).


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