External 7.1 USB Sound Audio Card Adapter with SPDIF
Name:  External 7.1 USB Sound Audio Card Adapter with SPDIF
Model:  PAAU003
  • External USB Sound Adapter supports AES/EBU, IEC60958, S/PDIF consumer formats for stereo PCM audio.
  • Fix 48KHz sampling rate for 7.1 channel playback.
  • Supports digital recording function with 32KHz, 44KHz and 48KHz sampling rates.
  • Supports analog recording function.
  • Supports SCMS ( Serial Copy Management System ) copy protection.
  • This USB 7.1 Sound Adapter is compatible with Win98SE, ME, 2000, XP. Mac OS 9.1 VISTA (Mac version has 2 channel playback only )
  • Fully duplex playback/recording audio stream without sound card in PC.
  • Compliant with USB specification v1.1 v2.0
  • Compliant with USB audio device class v1.0 v2.0
  • Supports USB full speed 12Mbit 480Mbit serial data transmission.
  • Supports input and output channels.
  • Supports multi channels audio code interface for 7.1 channel playback.
  • This USB 7.1 Sound Audio adaptersupports conventional audio 2 channels source playback ( only L,R, channel active )
  • Plug and play under windos without external memory.
  • Color: blue and white
  • Size: 9 x 5.8 x 2.2cm
  • Weight: 138g


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