mini PCI to PCI 32bits adapter with bracket
Name:  mini PCI to PCI 32bits adapter with bracket
Model:  ST8012

MiniPCI to PCI adapter is an advanced adapter for 3.3v MiniPCI to PCI standard sockets. The adapter is provided in PCI card form with an integrated MiniPCI slot that allows you to use MiniPCI cards in standard PCI sockets. Mounting bracket for miniPCI-PCI adapter has openings of RSMA connector for anttenna..

Interface Mini-PCI v1.0 standard compliant
PCI v2.1 and v2.2 compliant
Dimension 40 x 122 [mm] / (1.58 x 4.8 [inches] )
Operation Voltage PCI 3.3V and 5V support
Input Power Up to 5w of 3.3v power supplied to Mini-PCI card
Temperature Operation Temp.: 0??C to 70?? C (32?? F to 158?? F)
Storage Temp.: -20?? C to 80?? C (-4??F to 176?? F)

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