Lan network surge protector lightning arrestor
Name:  Lan network surge protector lightning arrestor
Model:  PA-2108H

LAN telecommunication line surging protection lightning arrestor is used in surging protection in the Ethernet network telcommunication area. Because of the application of Multi-Stage Semiconductor device to arrest the lightning,it can be connected rapidly and safely among the 10-100M hi-speed LAN equipments. It can protect various kinds of network equipment from the harmful signals such as lightning,sensor voltage,and static electricity and has a very low loss. And it is compatible to the setting of ethernet, Token Ring NIC,HUB,exchange machine and other LAN setting to provide safe surging protection solution.

*Using environment: RJ45 block Using class 5 line,compatible with 10NaseT,100bASEt, quick ethernet,token ring
*Connect machine: RJ45 block
*Response time: 0.1us
*Anti-resistance: 100 Ohm
*DC Clamping Voltage: 8V 50Ma/each line
*Insertion loss: below 0.4db to 100M
*Return loss: Prior to 15db
*Total extension time: No,1 to 100M
*Series resistance: 0.45Ohm
*Gound connect: Connect the extended pigtail line to the earth line or euiqpment cover


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