2.5 SATA dual Mini PCI-e intel mSATA SSD Raid controller card adapter with case
Name:  2.5 SATA dual Mini PCI-e intel mSATA SSD Raid controller card adapter with case
Model:  PA-R2021D

PA-R2021D provide 2-port Mini PCI-e SSD connector,built-in 2.5-inch shell SATA II high-performancearray card. It provides hardware to setup the RAID level, no driver, BIOS or software required for RAID installation, can be switched to RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD three mode operation settings.

Specifications and features:
  • Built-in the JMB390 high performance processor
  • Fully hardware-accelerated RAID Engine
  • Supports PM aware and non-PM aware host
  • Supports Native Command Queue (NCQ)
  • Supports RAID levels: 0 / 1 / JBOD
  • 3-button switch to complete the RAID mode setup
  • No external DRAM or processor required for RAID operation
Note: Designed for mSATA SSD's only. Not compatible with Mini PCI-e SATA or PATA SSD's .
For msata SSD list
※ Intel mSATA series SSD and compatible Storage Device

※ Samsung PM800 series SSD and compatible Storage Device

※ Toshiba mSATA SSD and compatible Storage Device 

Support Brand

SanSung MyDigital SSD
Toshiba Virtium
SanDisk AMP INC.
Renice Yuanyi
InnoDisk Active
Transcend PHISON SSD
OCZ Pretec
Runcore Lite-On
Kingfast Apacer
Kingspec Sunword
Super Talent Mach Xtreme
Kingston BIWIN
Notebook, Ultrabook,RAID Subsystem,NAS Servers,Backup Systems,Disk ,Serial ATA Enclosures,Large Capacity & High Performance SSD,Solid State Drive,Very Large Capacity Disk Systems,SATA Ports Expander.
NOTE: if your SSD is new,not used, you can set raid manually refer to following guider:
ser manual for STM485S RS232 to RS485 converter Grade normal
if your SSD is used, we strongly suggest you to set raid in windows by following software:

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