PCI-E express X16 riser card with 30cms foiled FPC cable
Name:  PCI-E express X16 riser card with 30cms foiled FPC cable
Model:  ST309D-30CM
This PCI Express riser/extender can be used to mount a PCI Express x16 card in a wide variety of situations. It is especially suitable for custom enclosures and low-profile rackmount chassis. This riser card faces away from the mainboard; however, since it is flexible, it can be redirected. Please ensure that PCI cards are securely mounted in an EMI safe location, and that no shorts have occurred due to poor PCI card placement.
Specification & Features:
  • 4 layer PCB board design with high speed FPC cable
  • 1 slot PCI Express X16 Riser Card for 1U,2U IPC chassis
  • high speed foiled FPC cable will keep low temperature and Prevent electromagnetic interference
  • Golden plated contacts for best connectivity and long life
  • More high-quality transmission stability
  • High speed cable length: 250mms, Total length 300mms
    Notice: Because this middle cable can't load high current power supply,so it doesn't get power supply from PCIe interface,it must add extra power supply before it works.

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