USB 3.0 28pin nVME SSD adapter for SSD from 2015 Macbook PRO
Name:  USB 3.0 28pin nVME SSD adapter for SSD from 2015 Macbook PRO
Model:  PA-U30NVME28P

PA-U30NVME28P is USB 3.0 28pin nVME SSD adapter, it is only allowed to read or write nVME SSD from 2015 Macbook PRO SSD module through USB3.0 port on your desktop or laptop.

1.Allows user to use nVME SSD from 2015 Macbook PRO in USB3.0 port in the Desktop or Laptop

2. Fit SSD modules only from the following Apple 2015 MACBOOK PRO :
13" Early 2015,MacBookPro12,1(MF840LL/A MF841LL/A)
15" Mid-2015,MacBookPro11,4(MJLQ2LL/A)
15" Mid-2015,MacBookPro11,5(MJLT2LL/A)
Fit following SSD modules:

Toshiba THNSN2128GSPS

3.Active LED

4.aluminium Special Cover is heatsink to keep SSD at low temperature,enable it to work more stable.

5.Systerm require: WIN10 or Mac OS 10.13.1 or above

Notice: 1.if your SSD is from 2013-2015 macbook Air or 2013-2014 macbook PRO,pls buy our PA-2013U3C-B. 2. SSD formated in Mac OS systerm can't be compatible with Microsoft system,so new SSD without partition,ssd can't be shown in table of"My Computer', please use the Disk Manager in Windows to delete the old partitions and create a new partition. 3. Pls update Systerm as the latest version to read nVME SSD.


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