SATA HDD to IDE mainboard adapter
Name:  SATA HDD to IDE mainboard adapter
Model:  ST4052 (HW629)

CHIPSET: sunplus (normal)  or JM20330
1.SATA (Serial ATA) to IDE Interface (Parallel ATA) converter turns NEW Serial ATA (SATA) disk into your OLD IDE motherboard
High quality and preeminent performance
2.Professional design
3.Plug directly into your Motherboard's IDE port
4.This device converts the IDE signals into Serial ATA ones to allow the use of Serial ATA hard disk drives
Support the Serial ATA transfer rate of 1.5Gb/s (150MB/s)
5.Compliant With Serial ATA 1.0 Specification
6.Compatible With Ultra ATA 100/133
7.Data transfer rate up to 1.5 Gbps (150 MB/s)
8.Support IDE drive size larger than 240GB
9.Plug and play, no driver is needed
10.System Requirements: One available IDE slot; Microsoft Windows98/Me/2000/XP
11.Package Contents: IDE to SATA Converter Adapter x 1; Power Lead x 1; SATA cable x 1


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