USB to RS485-RS422 converter PL2303
Name:  USB to RS485-RS422 converter PL2303
Model:  PAUB003A

Products Content:
PAUB003 is a kind of USB to RS485/RS422 industrial intelligent converter. It is the best solution for the communication between USB and RS-485/422. Compared with RS-232 to RS-485/422 converter, USB485 USB toRS-485/422 converter has many advantages
1.Small volume, easy installation
2.No power supply needed, plug and play
3.Adopt DIP switch setup, random switch RS-485/RS-422 interface
4.Transmit distanc reach up to 1800M at the rate of 115200bps.
5.Automatic send data control, auto distinguish and sense direction adout data transfer
6.Auto sense serial signal rate, zero delay automatic transmit



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