Banias III 478 CPU socket tester for laptop
Name:  Banias III 478 CPU socket tester for laptop
Model:  ST8681

Banias III 478 CPU socket tester for laptop is used to test signals of motherboard, check the open circuit, short circuit of BGA and CPU socket, etc. Instead of traditional complex testing methods, it can test every pins accurately. When changing the BGA Bridge, it can determine the connection of BGA through the LED on the board.


The following is parameter of banias 1-5:        



banias 1 2 3 4 5
Model Camerl Sonoma Napa SantaRosa Montevina
CPU Banias Dothan Yonah Merom Penryn
processing 130nm 90nm 90nm 65nm 45nm
Bus 400MHz 533MHz 667MHz 800MHz 1066MHz
Chipset 855 915 945 965 GM45/GM47/PM45
WIFI 2100B 2200BG 3945ABG 4965AGN 5100/5300

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