Window`s Icebox Lite USB recovery card
Name:  Window`s Icebox Lite USB recovery card
Model:  ST8691

1. Protect Partitions *** Select some partitions you do not allow change by anyone, freeze them by [Frozen Partitions], so that these partitions can read only, no changing can be saved. Virus can not destroy the system data & make the system crash then.
2. Open Directories *** If some files in the protected partitions users need to do changing & update everyday, they can set them as [Open Directories]

1. Instant data recovery to delete virus & help recover the destroyed files
2. Easy to use, no need special knowledge
3. No need to do update virus database like anti-virus software
4. Support all kinds of hard disk
5. Support Windows 2000/2003/NT/Me/XP/Vista


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