PCI-E PCI express Slot Tester Card
Name:  PCI-E PCI express Slot Tester Card
Model:  ST8688

PCI-E slot tester can diagnose the open circuit or short circuit of motherboard PCI-E slot quickly. Instead of manual testing, it can find the error easily without knowing the resistance value.

User Guide:
1. Connect a 12V DC power supply to the PCI-E slot tester, and plug to the PCI-E slot of the motherboard.
2. Press the on/off switch of the tester, and all the lights on the tester will be on. If some lights are off, please check whether the foot of south bridge is open circuit or short circuit, or the isolate capacity is damaged.

 PCI-E slot tester is mainly used to repair the PC motherboard when the POST CODE card shows FF or no display, unstable working or display card no display, etc


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