Mini Video Balun Transceiver
Name:  Mini Video Balun Transceiver
Model:  LLT-202C

*Easy installation, using the standard UTP cable system
*Support all video device, such as camera, monitor, DVR card and recorder etc.
*Compatible with LAN system, using pin 4,5 for video signal and pin 7,8 for power transmission.
*Lower budget, the price of CAT 5 cable is much less than co-axial cable
*Using UTP cable ( CAT 5, RJ45) to transmit video, audio signal instead of co-axial.
*Maximum Output: 1.1Vp-p
*Loss Ratio: >2dB
*Rejection Ratio: <15dB
*Interference: >40dB
*Transmission Distance: 2200 Ft
*BNC Resistance: 75ohm
*UTP Resistance: 100ohm


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