G.703/E1 balanced(Twisted pair) to Non-balanced(coax) transceiver
Name:  G.703/E1 balanced(Twisted pair) to Non-balanced(coax) transceiver
Model:  ST703DM/DF

ST703 transfer the G.703/E1(2.048) signals between balanced(120-ohm twisted-pair) and unbalanced(75-ohm dual-coax) ,solve mismatches between coax and twisted pair equipment.choice of inline single and multi connection Rackmount units.


  • Connector:male/female BNC(75ohm),8P8C RJ-45(120ohm)
  • Transmit rate:0-2.048Mbps(VIDEO 0-6MHz)
  • Input loss< 0.3dB(510KHZ-6MHZ)
  • Back loss> 25dB (510KHZ-6MHZ)
  • Working temperature: -5C - 55C
  • Transmit signals: ITU/CCITT G.703 or VIDEO
  • Dimensions: 76.6 mm(L) * 43.6 mm(W) * 21.6 mm(D) .
  • Easy installation, using the standard UTP cable system
  • Support all video device, such as camera, monitor, DVR card and recorder etc

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