DVI female to vga male adapter Converter
Name:  DVI female to vga male adapter Converter
Model:  PA2005

Convert the Digital interface on some new video cards to a standard VGA analog interface.
Use it on cards like the GeForce 4 TI4200, TI4400, TI4600, ATI 7500, 8500DV, and Many more! This allows you to connect your current CRT/LCD monitor to a video card that has a DVI output.
VGA(Male) to DVI-I(Female) Adapter is a compact device that enables you to use VGA Connector for a DVI Connector.
It is been designed to maintain the digital integrity of the video signal to give you the ultimate pure digital experience.
The adapter provides an all-digital signal path between your computer and the display.
Use this adapter to change your regular VGA Connector toDVI Connector


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