PC VGA to HDTV HDMI video adapter converter
Name:  PC VGA to HDTV HDMI video adapter converter
Model:  PA-HD2130

Let PC/VGA and Audio input signal to HDMI signal output,can be display VGA signal to the HDTV,which the VGA signal unable through the Scaler process,just signal format converte.totaly input and output keep same,support all VGA resolution,high brightness,compatible good and so on.
 Function image: 

 Input&Output Feature:

1.Video input----VGA
  VGA resolution:640*480@60Hz,800*600@60Hz,1024*768@60Hz,1280*720@60Hz,800*768@60Hz,

2.Audio input-------3.5mm
   Analog audio input

3.Video output-----HDMI
   HDMI output format:720P,1080I,1080P
   HDMI vision----- 1080P/1.3


1.VGA-HDMI converter * 1Pcs

BOX size:
220mm * 160mm * 55mm
Weight: 0.4Kg

2.VGA cable * 1Pcs

3.HDMI cable ( optional )

4.USB Power cable * 1 Pcs

5.Manual * 1Pcs

6.Colour box * 1Pcs 


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