Multifunctional DC/USB electronic energy tester current voltage meter
Name:  Multifunctional DC/USB electronic energy tester current voltage meter
Model:  ST8719


This tester can show the voltage,current and power being output from any DC or USB power storage. This is especially useful for portable power bank,solar panels with USB outputs and DC power supply for laptops, since it will then allow you to position the panel or power bank to maximize the energy it outputs, see what factors affect the panel ,power bank or DC power supply’s performance, to see when the output is too low to be worth using the solar panel, and also can check the exact Battery capacity of portable power bank or other power storage in fact.

Note that DC or USB sockets will only output as much power as is demanded by the device you are charging, this is the figure the tester will show. The tester will show the total power output from the DC or USB socket if you set it as WH mode.




Multifunctional DC/USB tester can be achieved :

        A: DC voltage , current, two indicators of high-precision measurement ;

       B: Measuring power value through tester to determine the output of products with power supply are

            qualified or not;

        C: You can accurately test the battery or mobile power input and output capacity (mAH or WH).



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