U.2 SFF-8643 SSD to M.2 PCIe adapter
Name:  U.2 SFF-8643 SSD to M.2 PCIe adapter
Model:  PA-U2M2

Intel and ASUS have developed a new kit that lets you adapt the motherboards M.2 slot (yielding the necessary PCI-Express 3.0 4x) into a connector for the new 2.5in SSD. This Hyper Kit has been validated with all ASUS, TUF and ROG X99 motherboards and validation is essential due to the extremely high performance of the drive. The connection has required extensive signal tuning to retain maximum performance.

Support Following motherboard:
ASUS Z97 Z170 H170 X99
Gigabyte Z97 Z170 H170 X99
MSI Z97 Z170 H170 X99


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